Maple HMI520T

Product #:   HMI520T
Product Name:   Silver Series Graphic Operator Interface Terminal, 5.7" 256-color STN LCD with Touchscreen
Description:   At just $639, the HMI520T touchscreen interface has more features for less money than any other HMI touchscreen on the market today. With 256 colors, lifelike animation and 3-dimensinal graphics, these OITs make your application come to life. Data can be easily interpreted using bar graph, line graph and meter objects, and the OIT can be programmed for easy input with switches, buttons and more.

Programmers have total freedom of design, because the HMI520C doesn't rely on touch cells. Instead, 4-wire analog resistive touchscreens allow objects to be placed anywhere onscreen without limitation, and objects can be sized to the pixel. An unlimited number of touch objects can be stacked, allowing the operator to perform multiple operations with just one touch.

Windows-like operation, recipe function and a real-time clock round out the package. Up to six pop-up windows can be opened at one time, and can include data entry keypads, meters or any other available object. Windows can be easily minimized and moved -- just like MS Windows.

Other features of the HMI520C :
-High-speed 200 MHz processor
-2 MB Flash + 4 MB operational RAM
-256-color graphics
-32-state objects
-Moving objects
-320 x 240 pixel, 5.7" STN
-Up to 1990 user-definable screens
-Pop-up data entry keypads
-Unlimited number of touch objects can be placed onscreen
-Connect multiple OITs to one controller
-Common window
-Pop-up windows
-Message board for writing messages
-Backlit screen saver

When ordering the HMI520M, you will also need:
-EZware-500 configuration software (1 per customer location)
-7443-xxxx-5 communications cable, 5-foot (1 needed for each OIT ordered)
-7431-0098 configuration cable, 5-foot (1 per customer location)
Power Supply (1 required per OIT ordered)
Pricing Information:
Unit Price:   $639.00

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