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Immersion Heaters

Flanged Heaters

AccuTherm’s years of manufacturing and application experience combine to provide a high quality product for your specific needs.

Screw Plug Heaters

Screw plug heaters are an inexpensive option for low KW immersion heaters.

Circulation Heaters

Many options are available to meet your demanding application requirements.

Over The Side Heaters

Direct immersion is 100% efficient and Over The Side heaters require no tank modification.

Tubular Elements

Tubular & Formed Tubular Elements

AccuTherm’s tubular elements are available in .260, .315 and .430 Dia. sheaths, in straight length, hairpin and custom formations.

Finned Tubular Elements

AccuTherm tubular finned heaters are suitable for use in a wide variety of forced air heating applications.

Air Heaters

Air Duct Heaters

AccuTherm air duct heaters are designed to heat moving air and gases up to 1200 F.

Radiant Heaters

AccuTherm radiant heaters are available in various ratings and in 2 basic kW per sq ft capacities.

Container Heaters

AccuTherm is a specialist in design and manufacture of heating systems for the extrusion press industry.

Extrusion Press Heaters

Container Heaters

Container Holder Systems

Bore Heaters



AccuTherm supplies an assortment of thermocouples and RTD’s for your sensing needs.

Temperature Controls

From single pole and double pole thermostats to solid state controllers and SCR’s, AccuTherm is ready to meet your temperature control needs.

Control Panel Systems

AccuTherm provides a complete line of standard and custom designed control systems.

Custom Products & Accessories

Coiled Heat Exchangers

Plate Heaters

Urn Heaters


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