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SP-401  (Acculex DPP410)
 Panel Mount Thermal Printer

The DPP-410 is a full-featured, thermal dot-matrix panel mount printer. The DPP-410 prints 40 columns per line using 5x7 dots per character, or, in Double Wide mode, prints 20 columns per line, using 10x7 dots per character. A control code enables/disables Double Wide printing. The printer provides a standard USA 96 ASCII character set with 7 alternate character sets for other countries. A 7000 character buffer is standard. TEXT or DATA print mode is selectable by jumper. The DATA mode inverts the character orientation, a useful feature for data logging applications.
Either serial (RS-232) or parallel interfaces are available. The serial version has a fully bi-directional serial port with DIP switch selectable baud rates from 50 to 19.2K with full support for stop bits, character length, and parity checking. The parallel interface is 8-bit Centronics compatible.
Connectors on the rear allow use of either 8-22VAC or 8-30VDC power. A wall adapter, which converts 115VAC to 12VAC, is available.
A built-in self test can be initiated using the front panel switch (turn on and hold in paper advance position). An LED indicates when paper is out.
These printers’ compact size, light weight, and low power consumption make them suitable for a wide range of laboratory and portable instrumentation applications.
Please note that, for highest quality output and maximum head life, users should employ premium quality thermal paper. One roll of paper is included.


• Thermal/dot matrix printer  
• 40 column width  
• 96 printable characters  
• Microprocessor-based controller  
• Compact size - 2.7” H x 4.5” W x 5.7” D  
• Serial or parallel interface  
• Selectable baud rate  
• Choice of power - 12VDC, 12VAC, or 115VAC  
• Paper out LED  
• Self-test function
  Technical Notes
1. There is no low-paper indicator. LED red means out of paper. The paper status is not communicated by the program interface to the host computer.
2. A null modem is required for connection of the serial interface printer to a host computer. Note that the printer busy signal is on connector pin 11.
3. Graphics mode allows printing dot-addressable graphics, with some restrictions. See user manual for details.
4. International character set selections (USA, Japan, France, Germany, UK, Sweden, and Italy ) are made via ESC sequence sent to the printer.
5. Time/date stamping requires initialization of time and date values by ESC sequence.
6. For the DPP-210 printer (which prints 20 columns per line) please call.


Number of Columns 40 (or 20 in double-wide print mode)  
Font/Dot Matrix 5x7 (or 10x7 in double-wide print mode)  
Line Density 6.7 line/inch  
Print Modes DATA (inverted) or TEXT (jumper selectable)  
Dot Diameter 0.014” (0.35mm)  
Dot Spacing 0.014” (.35mm) vertical 0.010” (0.25mm) horizontal  
Line Spacing 0.060” (1.5mm)  
Std. Character Set USA (96 characters)  
Opt. Character Sets France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Sweden, UK  
Max Print Rate 0.5 lines/s  
Print Head Life 500,000 character lines  
Buffer Size 7000 characters  
Serial RS-232, DB25S connector  
Parallel 8-bit Centronics compatible, DB25S connector  
  8-22VAC or 8-30VDC (115VAC adapter provided)  
  2.5 watts standby, 12 watts printing  
Operating Temp 0 to 50°C  
Storage Temp -20 to 60°C  
Humidity 90% max RH (non condensing)  
Dimensions 2.7” H x 4.5” W x 5.7” D (68.6 x 114.3 x 144.8mm)  
Paper Roll stock - 80ft roll  
Paper Width 3.15” (80mm)  
Paper Thickness 0.0031” (.0079mm)  
Weight 2.25lb (1.02kg)  


Part Number 1-24 pcs 25-up pcs
SP-401S (Serial Interface) $825.00 $720.00
SP-401P (Parallel Interface) $825.00 $720.00
SPR-400  (Paper) $ 8.95 $5.95

For additional pricing information call 800-532-2477.


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